Product name:SS Hands Free Automatic IR Sensor Touchless Soap Adjustable Liquid Dispenser

Product Details:

Hands-free soap dispensers leave your hands free of any germs or stains. Infrared sensor allows touch-free automatic operation. Simply place your hand under the sensor to dispense the soap.

And with its large capacity and refillable tank and you do not have to refill it frequently.

Easy to clean:
Just wipe the surface with a damp cloth to clean it

Capacity : 280ML

4 AAA batteries required (Product packaging does not include batteries)

Setting up:
1. Open the base cover and insert 4 new AAA batteries. Close the insert.
2. Twist the top cap and open. Fill the tank with the liquid soap or sanitizer of your choice. Close the top cap by twisting and locking.
3. Keep the on/off button on the top pressed for 3 secs - you will see a red light blink - the unit is now ON. If you wish to turn OFF the unit keep button pressed for 3 secs.
4. The first time you use the unit open and close the lid one time to let air bubbles escape.Place your hand underneath the dispenser the pump will dispense soap.
5. Soap volume setting: To adjust the volume of soap dispensed, press on/off button once. There are 3 adjustable levels.

Model number HD-1003



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